Hi beautiful soul, you love your extraordinary results, but do you strive for more?

If you are like thousands of our clients, then you are looking for a way to utilize your expertise to be more successful, but also a more fulfilled life and to get more life force energy ... We've cracked the code of ENERGY FREQUENCIES

This is WHY

High Performer and Ultra Achievers and other Thought Leaders often think they just need the right business strategy and then they will live a fulfilled life… but it’s not that easy…

For the last 18 years I have been working as a quantum psychologist and business mentor. I have supported thousands of companies and individuals in creating the perfect vibrations for their life’s and businesses.

The simple truth is: It is not only about your business strategy, nutrition or daily routine, but the energy that is being radiated by you. Even advanced top achievers, doctors, or experts fail when it comes to creating the right energy. 

This is where we at BusinessFlowAcademy support our clients!

I have helped clients to heal emotional and energetic wounds, sell their products and services at higher prices with ease, love and joy. AND increase their life force energy, therefore they life a fulfilled life.

Mindset was yesterday. Energy frequency is today…

The secret of extraordinary people: they master their energy frequency

Stefanie Bruns

4 pillars

Stefanie Bruns - Quantum Psychologist

Energy Field

We are electromagnetic beings, that have a special electrical circuit around each of our cells, that can be measured in milli voltage. Every feeling, thought, word or picture has an influence on our energy field.

Stefanie Bruns - Quantum Psychologist

Brain Functioning

Our brain is wired in a special (mostly negative) way. To live a fulfilled life we have to use Neuro-Energetic-Programming (NEP). NEP will help you to refocus effortlessly from your old life to the life that your hearts desires.

Stefanie Bruns - Quantum Psychologist

New Habits

To develop a fulfilled life you have to heal your old wounds that were created in your life, other incarnations and interdimensional experiences. We call it 360° Healing - it will help you immediately to gain your goals and tap into the right frequencies.

Stefanie Bruns - Quantum Psychologist


Understand the Laws of the Omniverse and use them to live a life with ease, love and abundance. You can influence quarks, photons, molecules, atoms and therefore matter for the highest good of all.

The matrix behind success, fulfilment and your mission

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