Hi, you are an experienced expert, coach or trainer and do not yet have a steady flow of ideal clients?

If you are like thousands of my clients, then you are looking for the way to utilize your expertise to get into financial abundance … We cracked the code

This is WHY

Experts, coaches and other thought leaders often think they just need the right wording, advertisements and digital marketing strategy and then the ideal customers or clients will come along.

For the last 16 years I have been working as a psychologist and business mentor for ultra-successful people. I have supported thousands of companies in creating the perfect vibrations for their businesses.

The simple truth is: It is not the platform, medium or advertising strategy, but the energy that is being radiated by the experts. Even people from the industry fail when it comes to self-expression, advertising and the right energy behind it. This is where we at BusinessFlowAcademy support our clients!

I have helped clients sell their products or services at higher prices within a few weeks because we not only optimised their positioning, their offer and funnel system, but also because we worked on their energy levels.

Mindset was yesterday. Energy frequency is today…

The secret of successful people: they master their energy frequency

Stefanie Bruns

4 pillars

Funnel Psych

The Funnel flow concept weaves a golden thread from the first contact point of your prospect to your offer. It’s about more than just marketing … It’s about more than just marketing…

Quantum Leadgen

The new Quantum client acquisition system is the catalyst for your customers. They step into your energy system and want to work with you.

Magic Copywriting

The ULTIMATE FORMULA to create lasting, valuable content. Any of these ideas could be THE post that gets you to your next client.

Phi Selling

The matrix behind the Phi Selling system will make selling very easy for you. Have you ever doubted whether you are manipulating or selling something to someone that they don’t want? That ends today – because here you will learn how to support customers in their decision without pushing.

The matrix behind success, fulfilment and your mission